URL Shortening with LnkRed

Easy and useful tool for shortening links

Use an appropriate format of URL: http://somedomain.test/blablabla.html

How to shorten a link?

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Formal shortening of the link is achieved by creating a mapping of the set of real addresses to a set of short links (in the alphabet of numbers and Latin letters). Simply put, each real address corresponds to a short 6-character code . With a seemingly small number of options, the real number of addresses collapsed in this way can exceed 50 billion.


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We take care of you
We appreciate your confidence and cherish our reputation that's why all links published at LnkRed are screened carefully (antivirus check, malicious scripts and programms) In our analysis we based on data of such respected services as Google Safe Browsing, Dr.Web и VK checkLink.

How you can use it?

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As a rule links are shortened for publications in blogs, announcements and social media with fixed limitation of symbols. For example, maximum permissible quantity of symbols in Twitter - 140 . Besides, websites provide initial verification of publishing URL for viruses , it allows to increase confidence of publishing material.

Our advantages

  • Short domain, easy to remember
  • simple shortening - in one click
  • Short URL, just 6 simbols
  • Simple & Useful API
  • Safety links and navigation
  • Automatic UTM parameters & QR-code

Integration with LnkRed

LnkRed offers flexible integration mechanism, which allows you to create shortened URLS independently using your own web-site.

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