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Information about the project

LnkRed Project
- This is a unique link shortening service designed to make life easier for everyone involved in network marketing, SEO optimization and regular publication of articles in social networks. This site is an ideal solution for starter webmasters and for professional teams of hard-working developers. We have tried to absorb all the best from similar third-party projects and to exclude as much as possible their flaws and omissions.

Name of the site LnkRed
- Is the game of the short link and the red line associations, line, that we are moving on the way to a World of the Short Links.

A distinctive feature of this service is a pronounced emphasis on safety. All added links are checked for viruses and malware on the basis of Dr.Web and Google Safe Browsing. Also, this resource actively cooperates with official services, timely blocking links to resources containing illegal content.

The main purpose of this resource is generation of a short links: the user enters the URL page of arbitrary length and after its processing the system issues a short reference of a fixed length. Now, the received link can be freely use for your purposes: publishing news, records, advertisements, or simply organizing cross-references.

We constantly care about the quality of our service and the level of services provided. That is why for us is extremely important your opinion, tips and suggestions. If you have something to say or offer, we will certainly be happy to any cooperation and interaction for the benefit of our common cause. For more information about how to contact us, see contacts .