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Launching the project on the US markets
2016-02-12 09:05

Today, the world of the short links opened for users of the English-speaking countries under the legendary .RED domain. The current service functionality is limited to basic functions, such as shortening links and API access. The personal cabinet will be finalized and in the near future we are preparing another release designed to improve your interaction with the service.

A bit of history.

The first most famous of the shortening services is TinyURL, the ancient American "dinosaur" launched in the distant February of 2002. It would seem that this can be stopped, because there is a resource that can cope with the problem of long links. But, it turned out, everything is not so cloudless. In addition to uncomplicated design, the site did not provide any analysts, no security guarantees and simply stopped developing, remaining in its original form throughout all subsequent years.

The next big player in this market was, burst into the world of short links with its popular convolution. Founded in 2008, Bitly quickly captured an impressive chunk of the corporate sector by focusing its resources on developing detailed analytics, targeting and all sorts of comparative reports. Investments have paid for themselves and at the moment it is the main partner of such giants as IBM, eBay, Nike, etc. Headquartered in New York and affiliates throughout America. Meanwhile, the resource is not particularly popular in the private sector due to the lack of localization and strong restrictions on the basic version.

Finally, did not bypass this segment and the international giant - google, launched in 2010 its own service - The service was simple, quick and not whimsical, than it deserved popularity and universal love. However, like its predecessors, it sagged in localization, security control, and was unnecessarily overloaded with client scripts, which caused failures in some versions of browsers.

Of course, we can not ignore the social created by the Vkontakte team for replicating its direct links. Inspired by the ideas of simplicity and digital asceticism, the service turned out to be the simplest version of In security issues, developers relied on their own system of checking social network links. However, in the questions of analytics and statistical convenience, there were obvious drawdowns.

The year 2016. The world of digital technology began to move away from the rapid development spurt of the beginning of the century and gradually began to spin like galaxies around established media giants. At this very time, the comprehensive dominance of the services of the past, we offer you - the service of the future. World of the short links LnkRed! Created for people, for the sake of people and in the name of a single unshakable goal - to make this world at least a little laconic!

LnkRed to you and your home!