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Honest and secure links are our priority
2018-05-09 22:46

We constantly care about the safety of our service and its reputation in the circles of the Internet community. That is why, with each new update, we implement additional mechanisms for verifying and verifying published links. As part of the last major release, we added integration with several bright players in the world of secure Internet. So, now all the links published in the World of the Short Links LnkRed will be additionally checked by the systems: Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Protection and Comodo Web Inspector .

Kaspersky Internet SecurityComodo Web InspectorESET

As before, we actively interact with third-party services and global security resources to ensure the highest level of trust and security of the World of the Short Links LnkRed. Watch for future releases and updates. Write your wishes and feedback on the work.

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