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Dr.Web Integration
2016-06-02 20:24

Today, the integration of the World of Short Links with the service of Dr.Web, an authoritative player in the software protection market, was introduced. Developers Doctor Web created a reliable online platform for checking real-time Internet addresses of any spectrum and content. From now on, all links published on the LnkRed will automatically be checked for malware and hidden bookmarks using the specified service. In the case of detection of content that threatens the security of the user, the link will be blocked, and all users passing through it will be immediately notified of a potential threat. Further actions remain at the discretion of the user - he can either leave the World of the Short Links LnkRed, or trust in luck and go for a potentially dangerous link.

We continue to make the world of short links more secure and hope that one day, the name of LnkRed will be associated with an absolutely reliable and secure stay on the Internet.

LnkRed to you and your home!