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Integration with security system
2016-10-23 16:20

Today, the next security loop of the World of the Short Links LnkRed was introduced, as a result, links to our resource in the social network are no longer displayed with a warning about a possible security threat. Now, thanks to the fast, fully automated interaction with the VK Check service, we locate and block links blocked by the social network, literally in real time.

In addition to blocking on demand, we also check the links directly at the time of the addition in order to protect our target audience from the potential risk of harmful effects from unscrupulous participants and distributors of the World of the Short Links LnkRed.
As before, in addition to the existing checks, all links published on the LnkRed-e will be additionally checked by the services of for the presence of malicious software and hidden vulnerabilities. In the case of detection of content that threatens the safety of users, the link will be immediately blocked, and all users passing through it will be notified of a potential threat. Further actions, as before, remain at the exclusive discretion of the user - he can either leave the World of the Short Links LnkRed, or trust in luck and move on a potentially dangerous link.

We continue to make the world of short links more secure and hope that one day, the name of LnkRed will be associated with an absolutely reliable and secure stay on the Internet.

LnkRed to you and your home!